Spring Airlines

La stratégie Supply Chain de pièces détaillées de SPRING AIRLINES

En tant que transporteur à bas coût, le partage d'information et la logistique sont nos principales priorités. Un accès facile impactera positivement notre travail. La Supply Chain n'est pas au même niveau et les intérêts divergent que l'on soit OEM ou distributeur. Notre présentation fera le point sur nos attentes en matière d'accès rapide à l'information.

SPRING AIRLINES Supply Chain Detail Parts Strategy

As a LCC carrier, what do we really need in current market is how to maintain low cost while keep fast growing
Information sharing and logistics draw our main focus for the current time, if these can be easily accessible, it will greatly facilitate the development of our work and even lead to a change. Nowadays no one will deny it's the information age, but the business situation of aviation supply chain aren't even close to it, driven by self-interest, each OEM or distributor is only trying to expand their own business channels, Even the governments are doing the same likewise. The aviation supply is a global business, the market is limited, today's rapid information development gives us this opportunity to review what we are doing, what do we need ?