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The conference program offers a unique opportunity to find out about the buying policies of large groups and to join the debate. This edition will focus on OEMs procurement and supply chain policies and strategies for sustainable aviation.

Tuesday June 20th - Morning Session  | Conference Room - Hall 1

11:10 - 11:40

Vincent Guibout & Anais Breton

Vice CEO and Technical Director - Director of office of Airworthiness & Safety

Setting up an industrial sector and a regulatory framework for airships: a major challenge!

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FLYING WHALES is developing a unique program in the French and global aeronautical landscape. The very nature of the aircraft and the technologies used imply important specificities compared to traditional aviation. Thus, it is the creation of an entire industrial sector that is in question, in terms of developing new trades and skills to design, produce and operate, but also to develop regulations in compliance with the highest certification standards.

Discover the genesis, the stages and the news of an extraordinary project.

11:45 - 12:15

Guillaume RAMARE

Cyril Champenois

Co-founder and Marketing and Sales Director

Elixir Aircraft, a more environmentally friendly light aircraft

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Elixir Aircraft was founded on the idea of designing a new generation aircraft that would meet the challenges of tomorrow's light aviation. Since 2015, the SME from La Rochelle has been pursuing a simple objective: to offer more versatile, safer, more environmentally friendly and more economical aircraft, by providing relevant, modern and innovative solutions to the recurring problems encountered by light aviation.

Tuesday June 20th - Afternoon Session  | Conference Room - Hall 1

Expert Panel (in French)

14.00 - 15.05: 
Initiative and perspective for cyber security in aeronautics 

  • Marion Buchet

    Marion Buchet

    CSIRT Director

  • Marc Leymonerie

    Vice President Chief
    Information Security Officer

  • Romain Bottan

    Chief Information Security
    Officer - AirCyber Director

  • Anne Frisch

    Head of cybersecurity program

  • Sophie Bertrand

    Sophie Bertrand

    Project Manager « Industrie de
    Sécurité / Cybersécurité
    et Numérique responsable »

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The potential consequences of attacks on the security of goods and people, the stability of the supply chain or compliance obligations relating to the protection of personal data are leading the sector to organize itself in the face of the exponential increase in the threat. During this round table, we will review the initiatives that allow companies, small or large, and public institutions to structure themselves to protect themselves and react as efficiently as possible.

15:10 - 15:40

Nicolas Lemoine

Vice President Procurement, Head of Regional Procurement Office North America

Partnering with Airbus

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Nicolas Lemoine will provide an update on Airbus, on the operating environment and on partnering with Airbus,

15:45 - 16:15

Guillaume RAMARE

Gérard Feldzer


Aviation Sans Frontières, the aviation community's NGO, faces the new challenges of humanitarian aid

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As an essential player in the international humanitarian chain, Aviation Sans Frontières mobilises its expertise, its aircraft and the air network to deliver emergency aid from France and its bases abroad, and to transport or accompany people throughout the world.

For over 40 years, and with its 800 volunteers, it has provided logistical support to more than a hundred humanitarian organisations.  Its volunteers accompany children in need of emergency care, and participate in the logistics of humanitarian freight to deliver essential goods in more than 20 countries. In France, Aviation sans Frontières works for the social and professional reintegration of young people through the discovery of the world of aeronautics.

Today, faced with the scale of humanitarian needs, Aviation Sans Frontières is working to deploy new resources.  Among the projects under study are the deployment of a dispensary plane, humanitarian drones and a mobile hospital delivered by airship (Flying Whales): innovative tools that will reduce logistical constraints on the ground and thus optimise the impact of operations on the ground.

Aviation Sans Frontières wishes to mobilise new players and partners from the aviation community around its ambitious solidarity projects.

Wednesday June 21st - Morning Session In English  | Auditorium - Hall 2 C


Guillaume RAMARE

Sophie Voinis: Freelance Journalist

Expert Panel

10.00 - 11.05: 
Disruptive technologies in support of achieving aviation climate neutrality by 2050

  • Ester Porras

    Chief Technology Officer - CTO

  • Sandra Bour Schaeffer

    SVP Cabin & Cargo Procurement

  • Luca Bedon

    R&T Leader

  • Sébastien Dubois

    Head of Programme Unit

  • LeAnn Ridgeway

    Vice President Sustainability

  • Sébastien Bougon

    Founder & CEO

  • Benjamin Binet

    Vice President Strategy,
    Airspace Mobility Solutions

Expert Panel

11.10 - 12.30:
The 2050 Vision for the Aerospace Supply Chain

  • LeAnn Ridgway

    Marie-Eve Rigollet

    SVP Procurement & Strategy

  • Ester Porras

    Stéphane Nogatchewsky

    Executive Vice President – CPO

  • Sébastien Dubois

    Eric Segura

    Senior VP Procurement & SC/CPO

  • Kristopher Pinnow

    Kristopher Pinnow

    Vice President Supply Chain

  • Benjamin Binet

    Giacinto Carullo

    Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer

  • François Harant

    VP Deputy Industry,
    Purchasing & Performance

Wednesday June 21st - Afternoon Session In English  | Conference Room - Hall 1

14.00 - 14.30

Guillaume RAMARE

Arthur Grunwald

Program Director

CASSIO, VoltAero’s hybrid-electric regional Aircraft

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Benefitting from 80-plus years of combined pioneering expertise, VoltAero is developing a truly unique general aviation airplane with hybrid-electric propulsion for safe, quiet, efficient and eco-friendly flight. With seating capacities from 4 to 12 passengers, Cassio aircraft will offer 3.5 hours of flight autonomy – enabling flight distances of up to 1,200 km.

The Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft offers a new mode of regional transportation that accesses more communities in less time, enhances mobility and alleviates road congestion problems – all in a safe and environmentally friendly way, at lower cost, without need for the massive, inflexible infrastructure of ground transportation modes. Flexible point-to-point regional operations (passengers and cargo) – using the infrastructure of smaller regional airports, with lower noise level allowing 24/7 operations without disturbing local communities, will be possible with Cassio aircraft.

14.35 - 15.05

Guillaume RAMARE

Guillaume Ramaré

President & Founder

Beyond Earth Initiative, the new space innovation fund, advocating for sustainable space use

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The Beyond Earth Initiative Foundation aims to become a public utility association by 2028 in order to become the French and European space innovation fund. Its 5 main objectives are to advance scientific research, to promote space education for the younger generation, to promote international cooperation, to advocate a strong and peaceful space policy, and above all to defend a sustainable use of space.

With this last objective in mind, the Foundation focuses primarily on renewable, sustainable and reusable launchers. As space and earth are mutually responsive, it is essential to produce launchers that are more respectful of the space and earth environments. By protecting space, we protect our planet and reciprocally.

The Foundation will also set up its own 'active debris removal' to reduce space pollution.

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