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Stéphane Nogatchewsky

Executive Vice President – CPO

Since early 2021, Stephane joined ArianeGroup as Executive VP in charge of Procurement.

Before joining ArianeGroup, Stéphane started his career in the automotive industry at Valeo in a series of purchasing positions in Germany. End of 2001, he joined Rolls Royce (Civil and Defence aerospace) based in England and Germany, to manage the operational performance of strategic suppliers. From 2006, he led some Rolls Royce engine sales and lobbying campaigns across Europe. In 2008, he joined Safran as director of industrial strategy at Messier Dowty then in 2012 he is promoted director of industrial development for the company resulting from the merger between Messier Dowty and Bugatti (now Safran Landing Systems) where he focused on ramp up challenges and cash generation. In 2014, he moved to quality as the director of management systems for Safran Landing Systems. In 2016, he was called to join Safran's headquarter as supervisor of internal audit for the Group.

Stéphane, 50, holds a PhD in management science from Paris-Dauphine University, an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School and a master's degree from ESSEC.

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